Verleih von Geigen, Bratschen & Cellos

Violins, violas and cellos for rent

Playing the first violin – from the beginning.

For children, adolescents and adults – so music lovers of all ages – we can offer the perfect instrument. The hiring program is composed of high-quality tools, tailored to the different playing experience and from German production of the companies Höfner, Paesold, Gewa und Klier. Everyone plays on his level the first Violin.


Violins rental:

1/16 – 4/4 sizes
Monthly hire 16,- bis 26,- €

Violas rental:

28 cm – 39,5 cm body sizes
Monthly hire 22,- bis 30,- €

Cello rental:

1/8 – 4/4 sizes
Monthly hire 42,- bis 60,- €


Conditions of hire

  • The bow and case are included with the instruments.
  • The hire period is at leastsixmonths. In the event of a subsequent purchase of the instrument,the hire costs paidfor up to nine months will be deducted
  • If changing to a larger instrument, 60% will be paid through the old instrument.
  • Annual insurancecoverage (Mannheimer-Versicherung) would cost € 24.30 (incl. VAT) for theviolin/viola and € 35 – € 45 (incl. VAT) for the cello.